Move, Sexual Harrasment

Hi guys

Hoping your New Year is all going well?  I personally had to go to a funeral this week of a friend who was my boss at Nokia.  A lovely bloke who died far too young!  He was 56.  The funeral was lovely, the chapel couldn’t fit in all the people who wanted to say goodbye.  


I am still packing for the move, not heard anything yet, unfortunately, because I am moving into an OAP flat I have to wait for an occupant to leave.  Getting bits done at a time but seems to be taking forever!  Keep finding things that will need to be packed.  This week I have to pack away books! 


I am feeling so sorry for men at the moment.  They really do not know what will be taken as harassment and just being friendly.  I had a friend this week who put his hand on the small of my back to help me through a crowd of people.  According to some reports, I could have him for harassment!!!  I am sorry but that is just a friend being concerned about my safety.   At nightclubs I have had men put an arm around me, all I have done is told them to remove it or give them a look that says ‘remove it now’.  I don’t see that as harassment I see it as ‘chancing his arm’ as they say.  I mean I have leant against men that I fancy just see what the response is.  I mean how else are you going to know if someone ‘likes’ you that way.  What is harassment is when you say no to someone and make it clear to leave off and they don’t.  I mean I had a friend back in the ’80’s grab my breast whilst he was grabbing his girlfriends at a club, with my husband watching, all done in fun.  Now if I suddenly lost that friendship I wouldn’t bring that up as sexual harassment, just a bit of fun.  I would find it very petty if someone did.

I am not saying there are boundaries because there are, but harmless flirting should really be left out of it.   It will come to a point where there will be 2 ft around each person at a nightclub!  Ridiculous!  Most people do know the boundaries and sometimes we all make a mistake especially when we have had a bit too much to drink.  I just think we really need to look at each allegation and also not name the people involved UNTIL that person has been to court and charged.

I know that the Hollywood case is more about power play within the industry as well.  Although the ‘casting couch’ has been known about since the early 1900’s when the industry started and just brushed off.  At least now something is being done about it.  Hopefully, it will also stop it happening in other industries as well.

Probably not really explained myself well but all I am saying is that I feel really sorry for men who are looking for a date and have no idea what to do in case they say or do something wrong.

Now off to have a relaxing Sunday I hope.


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