Website and Ramblings Friends

As you can see I have changed the website didn’t really like the old one 🙂 Although created by the same guys who did the old one so just a different style.  And yes I do like pink!

At some point all the websites will be down for while as I just change the back end of things.  When I changed over hosting I hurriedly just uploaded and I really need to sort it all out, shouldn’t take that long.

So I have no gallery yet for Ramblings Friends…still can’t find one that is easy to use and actually works!  You can still post piccies though the option for that works fine.  🙂

As I say please come over and have a look!  yes you do have to register to see it…that is to make sure it stays private for everyone… 🙂 If you don’t like it I can easily delete you or you can 🙂  If you have any questions about it ask me 🙂

I have created it just for my friends so that we get together and talk freely… well as long as you are nice to each other! 😛 I will be writing some rules but as everyone knows I am very fair in my groups on FB 🙂

So please come over and have a look around!


Kriss 🙂

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